Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to treat headache with common home remedies

home remedies for headaches

We all suffer from mild to severe headaches at some point of our life and it is quite a common problem. About 47% of the world population have suffered from headache last year. This disease is common irrespective of gender and age. People having migraine (take place due to enlargement of blood vessels) experience severe headache and often find it very difficult to manage. There may be various reasons for your headache including depression. There are medications available, but they are not free from side effects and health hazards. Fortunately, there are many effective home remedies to treat mild to severe headaches including migraines. Read on to know about the home remedies for your headaches that you may have in your home already.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

The Sunset at Bakkhali Beach

Bakkhali Beach

The lovely view of the sunset at Bakkhali, West Bengal (Eastern India), a part of Bay of Bengal...........

Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to avoid some common misconceptions on food and nutrition

Good and bad food concepts are often quite misleading and confusing. Today you may find an article telling you that having a cup of coffee is very good for your health. But, in few days another article will tell the reverse sighting various health risks associated with coffee. The continuous research on food and nutrition is giving us new findings everyday and it is becoming very difficult to understand and decide upon your food habits and nutritional goals.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Story of Tublu by Jahid Akhtar

Story of Tublu by Jahid Akhtar is all about the “amazing journey called life” of an Assamese village boy known as Tublu (real name Tanmay). Jahid Akhtar is a well known blogger and he took on writing through his blogging habit. I am used to go through his blog quite often and really find his blog post quite engaging. The fluency in his writing is very much there in his debut novel the “Story of Tublu.”

Jahid Akhtar has a very simple tone in his writing that attracts me the most. In his debut novel, he has set the backdrop of the story in the 1980s, where a devastating flood has taken away everything from Bipin and his son Tublu. They are fortunate enough to get shelter from kind hearted man Mr. Sharma, who not only gave them shelter, but also helped them to become self sufficient. In no time a strong bond has been developed between Mr. Sharma and both Bipin & Tublu. They came really close together and this bonding between the two families never fades away.

There is another angle of the relationship within these two families. Tublu always has a soft corner for Maina, the daughter of Mr. Sharma from his childhood days, but he never disclosed it. He always imagines about Maina in his fantasy and dreams. Maina though sometimes got some faint hint about Tublu’s feelings for her, could not think about it further as there are distinct cultural, social and economical differences between the two families.

With time the characters of the story changes and both Tublu and Maina experience their life outside the small town. This changes the way they think, their meaning of happiness, their friendship and take on life. But, among all this natural development in life, one thing never changed, that is the love for each other between Maina and Tublu. In fact, the love between them got stronger day by day.
It is a pleasure to read the life of Tublu in his college days that reminds me the college days of myself. The chatting with friends, the mischief behaviours and the studies were depicted so well by the writer. 

Similarly, other characters of the story were equally well dealt with the author. The characters like Bipin, Mr. Sharma, Paplu (the brother of Maina) were all quite powerfully made. Another character that appeared for short duration, but surely will touch everybody’s heart is Shilpa. 

The Story of Tublu will definitely touch your heart as a nice emotional novel written in a simple and lucid language. The author really has done extremely well to hook the readers, even with a simpler plot without any dramatic twist. Though the characters suffered a bit of lack in depth and somehow you will feel they are too simple for the modern world. It may be because of the simple nature of the writer. There are also issues with poor editing, but these are all minor things and did not hamper the actual flow of the story.

Overall, I am very much impressed with the debut effort by the author Jahid Akhtar and will definitely suggest everyone to grab a copy from Flipkart or Amazon.

Friday, May 15, 2015

#MyAirtelApp: Simplifying My Lifestyle

Image Courtesy: Airtel
Three key features of #MyAirtelApp that simplify my lifestyle. 

Every day you will see various App is coming up in App stores and the majority of them are free to use. The app has really changed the way to utilize your Smartphone or tablet. Now you can perform many useful tasks without bothering to open your PC and you can access your favorite websites on the go as well using specific App. The simple interface of App makes it a perfect candidate for Smartphone users and every brand now has to build their own App to capture the market. The competition among brands to make better App on both iOS and Android platforms is ever increasing with the rise in use of the internet over Smartphones. Currently, India is the world’s second largest market for Smartphones. 

The latest addition to App market is the #MyAirtelApp from Airtel that will now give you the convenience of having all the online and over the phone services they offer through the App. So the Smartphone users having Airtel connection will no longer need to dial different numbers to check their service status. The App has everything in it related to your account (Prepaid and postpaid mobile services, fixed line services, DTH, Multiple Numbers or Broadband services) and also offers recharge as well. 

The three key features that I liked most are:- 

Hassle Free Account Information: The App offers a unique hassle free mode of finding any account related information that also in quick time. The interface is really smooth and simple with any information can be acquired in quick time. This gives freedom from the login problem that often arises while using the website. Here you can track your mobile data, bills, due date, billed and unbilled usage with your fingertips. The pay history stores all your previous bill payment history. Moreover, you can e-mail them to your inbox and manage your bill plans through bill plan section. My data section gives you the idea about data usage and you can opt in for top up your whenever needed. 

Ease of Recharging using the App: Recharging Airtel services never have been so easy before. Using this App you can easily recharge any of your Airtel services and also to any Airtel no. You can even save your card information for quick payments. Furthermore, you can avail some exciting benefits, offers and free coupons during recharge or paying bills by using the Shake your phone option.

Notification Feature: The notification feature reminds you about your bill date, low balance, recharge validity for different packs and so on. This feature is really helpful as it is quite possible for us to forget these dates in our daily life.

With all these stunning features and convenience you no longer have to open your PC to monitor your Airtel services. Just download the App and enjoy the unlimited convenience.

I am hereby ensuring (to the best of my abilities and circumstances) that my blog post will remain accessible in a un-altered state for a minimum of one year.